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Keyword strategy is the starting point in the optimization of a site because it’s the keywords that define the web pages. Customers will find your site depending on the keywords and they are essential to attracting organic traffic from search engines, traffic we do not pay.

By defining and initial keyword strategy, we can better understand the audience and the way potential clients search for your products and services.

Keywords are, in fact, your business. Any product or service is defined by a keyword or a set of keywords. It is important to discover these words because they are the core of any website. Depending on them, it is easier to organize the internal pages.

[blockquote]In the same time, we have to understand and determine the search intent of potential clients. Do they use informational, navigational or transactional search terms? Through which search terms can they find your services?[/blockquote]

Potential clients want to find the best result, the most relevant. Why not find your site?

Although not an exact science, behind keyword strategies stands an entire process. The discovered words must improve the ROI. It is ideal that we find the words that have little competition and great ROI.

We know that, in order to find the best words, we need to analyze big sets of data and updated algorithms. To determine the difficulty of the keywords, their popularity and ROI, we use the tools and algorithms we created.

These advanced methods are necessary to process large sets of words and to discover the most appropriate, those that can bring benefits in a short time. We will obtain a quality score for each word, score that will tell if that word is profitable or not in the long run.

How do we discover the keywords?

  • We use words that already bring traffic
  • We analyze data from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google and Bing Autocomplete
  • Google and Bing Related Search
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool – for new suggestions and traffic volumes
  • We discover synonyms and adjacent words
  • We analyze the competition for new opportunities
  • We use suggestion tools
  • We use Google Trends to see the interest over time for certain words

Are you ready to stand out?