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Page speed optimization

Increase the page loading speed of your Prestashop store.

Improve PageSpeed for Prestashop for better SEO

Gzip compression, image optimization, css delivery optimization, async loading for js, code minification, any of these sound familiar? Probably not, but search engines measure each of these, and quite a few more. Along with your server’s speed, these add up to a score – the pagespeed score.

Pagespeed is not only a search engine ranking factor, but it also determines the quality of the user experience and, in the end, may make the difference between sales and no sales.
If your PrestaShop website is loading too slow, users will leave your site and buy the products you are selling from somewhere else.
There’s a fix to this – improve your pagespeed score!

There are many things one can do to improve the pagespeed of a PrestaShop website, but some of them have a greater impact than others. For example, enabling compression and image optimization can greatly improve your pagespeed score, while minifying html may result in a smaller change.

Keep in mind that it’s extremely hard to have a 100/100 pagespeed score. It takes a technical person to configure the hosting server, the cdn (if there is one), to set up cache and optimize the images, and usually, there is no 100% control over the resources.

For PrestaShop there is a combination of settings and some PrestaShop addons that, after installation, need configuration. Or, if you want to improve your PrestaShop’s pagespeed, you can order our Improve PageSpeed for Prestashop for better SEO service.

For us to operate the modifications, we need the following:

Temporary Admin access to PrestaShop backoffice

Price – 79.95 $

We will investigate the speed of your e-commerce store change files (compress) and resolve technical glitches to increase the loading speed.