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About Agile Media

Who are we?

We like the challenges, we always find solutions and we are aware of everything that happens online. We are constantly developing, innovating and testing. We support new ideas and creativity because only this way we can achieve the desired results.

We want this agency to bring value to both customers, consumers and the internet.

We are guided by simple and ethical principles, both in everyday life and in the professional environment. We like to test, learn, measure and act. We are sure of our decision-making power, because we do not rely on assumptions.

What differentiate us from other agencies?

We like to think ahead and take care of the future of your business. We are sure we have to embrace the change, because it defines this industry. We like to anticipate, adapt quickly and put into practice everything we say. Through our services, our internally developed tools and our ideas, we want to improve the way online promotion is done today.

We are the only agency in Romania that follows the principles of Agile Marketing-ului and we always follow a positive experience of the final consumer. SEO and Marketing must be about people and about their experience on your site.

Information, vision and innovative technologies are the main elements that recommend us to the customers and industry we represent.

Our Services


SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is a complex and long-lasting process by which any site can attract organic visits from search engines. Our experience and all the actions our consultants are doing are only for meeting the needs of your business.

Everyone wants to be positioned on the front page of Google, but not any site deserves to be there. Top results are achieved through a well-defined and time-based SEO strategy. We only use ethical strategies that lead to time-based results that you can rely on.

Our focus is on content and link building strategies that lead to success and that resist over time. We are dedicated to your success.


Pay Per Click (PPC) represents the paid ads (links) that appear above organic results in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The cost of these ads depends on Cost-per-click (CPC) and keyword. The most searched words (those of interest) will show higher costs than the least searched. That’s why finding the right words is essential in any PPC campaign.

PPC is the easiest way to bring relevant traffic to your site from the very first day of your campaign. Our experience guides us and we are very confident about the performance we can achieve in any campaign.

We focus greatly on improving ROI and conversions to our customers. We know traffic is important, but it is more important that this traffic converts. We work efficiently, rely on many tests and budgets by optimizing each campaign.

Social Media Marketing – SMM & SMO

In the last few years Social Media has changed the internet and the way companies are run. If previously companies only provided information to their clients, they can now talk to them directly. Social Media and Social platforms have democratized the internet. Now it’s much harder to control what’s being said about you. Presence in social environments is a “must-have” for any business.

It is the way you can interact more easily with potential and current customers. It’s the way you can solve certain problems, you can help them in some ways and you can get closer to them. Social Media means respect, respect for the people and the clients. It is the place where information is instantly propagated through images, videos or articles.


User Experience
(UX) or User Experience (UX) refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system, or service. It includes practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership.

We have a great experience in analyzing user behavior and we are able to define campaigns to improve the experience of those who visit your website and automate these processes.

We offer analysis of the data from Google Analytics, site performance analysis (speed and accessibility), identification of usability issues plus online competition analysis and market positioning and offer recommendations for improvement and automation.

Why choose us?

Full services

We will create and implement promotion strategies for SEO, PPC, SMM, ORM and Link Building. Each developed strategy will be different because each business has its peculiarities.

Premium tools

We use the most popular premium SEO tools in the world. These include MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, aHrefs, CognitiveSEO and others.

Unique systems developed by us

At Agile Media we have developed special online marketing systems that enable process automation.

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