Search engines gain more notoriety day by day, being the most used source for information. When you decide to initiate a SEO process for your business you must own an account and some important elements, so that the long-term results of this process are in your advantage. If you don’t have experience in such domain many mistakes can appear. Recently, I have found an article that presents a series of mistakes that can be made.
Let’s see 10 things to avoid when starting a SEO process:

1. You don’t care about UI and UX

Many webmasters are still working following this method: they sacrifice the concept of user experience and all that entails, for better results in SERPS. However, this aspect is blamed by search engines and by people as Matt Cutts, who always warns us about the negative impact that this aspect has. Moreover, the Panda algorithm affects the websites that offer a bad user experience.
The design must always respect the users’ desires and the search engines must be on second place. Test the website’s interface through direct contact with the users in order to find out more about how they behave.

2. Long loading time of the pages

Not all internet connections are excellent so avoid using Flash, images or animations that don’t need to be there or where you can use just text without any problem. When the loading time of the website is very long, there will surely be a decrease of visitors. There is no need to sacrifice the multimedia elements, you should just emphasize the loading speed of the pages.
Also, you must be careful with what hosting you are choosing, there is no need to make compromises because a very good internet connection is useless if you have to deal with a website that its loading time is very large because of the low quality hosting.

3. Ignoring social networks

I know, not all of us are fans of social networks but even if we like it or not we must admit that the social media activity really counts, especially that the search engines use social signals as part of the positioning algorithm. Even if they are not as important as links, social signals stand out through the fact that they represent a trust sign. It’s an advantage to learn how to use social media in your favor and yes, it means so much more than placing social buttons on your pages. There are complex strategies in order to stay in touch with the audience that you address for and with your potential clients.

4. Meaningless blog content

The creation of original content, evergreen content, is very much emphasized, content that should withstand the time test and the search engines’ test. Investing in quality content will only bring you advantages and you can surely find talented people from multiple domains that can create for you the best quality content. This thing differentiates you from the competition and its content, which many times is very simple and odd.

5. Emphasis on search engines instead of users

Although I’ve already said that earlier, the emphasis is not only crucial in initiating a SEO process but it is throughout its entire period. This must be always taken into account when you want to make changes or when you are over thinking about search engines.
The acceleration of your actions in order to obtain higher positions for keywords, and as quickly as possible of course, is not a long-term strategy. We’ve passed the period in which SEO meant density of keywords although this tactic is still common and the same thing happens with the abuse of anchor text. Things have much changed and the thinking regarding optimization must be remodeled. The density of keywords and the abuse of anchor text, which have represented real treasures for positioning long time ago, do not work anymore.
One of the most positive signals that you can send to search engines is the one through a visitor that comes back to your website. If a user looks for a key-expression and chooses to click on your website more than once, search engines will consider this as being positive. This is one of the most ignored signals and that is not taken into account.
Monitor carefully and always consult the statistics in order to see what are the pages with the most number of visitors that come back, because these are the meaningful pages and the ones that you should continue promoting.

5. Bad architecture of the website and URLs conversion

This mistake appears frequently but here are a few aspects that you should avoid:

  • More pages with similar content, this being one of the most frequent issues of e-commerce websites. You know the solutions for this kind of situations: try as possible as you can to create differentiate content or to choose not to index the pages with duplicate content, after the well known methods that we have discussed in other posts on this blog.
  • Dynamic URLs – these represent a crucial aspect for some interfaces, but can create confusions for search engines and can lead to massive duplicate content. You can choose to put these dynamic URLs in a folder that will not be indexed. Use canonical to prioritize the pages that you wish to position.
  • Illegible URLs (Meaningless URL Naming Convention). This aspect no longer represents a large issue as it was some time ago, especially if we deal with a website that already contains these URLs. Many times it is more difficult and in disadvantage to change the URLs, to rewrite them. However, you can still maximize the advantage of some clean URLs for the pages that you will be developing in the future, these helping the ranking of the website.
  • Redirections – in general, you should avoid them as much as you can. Too many redirections make the pages look instable in front of search engines. Of course you cannot avoid redirections when there are needed, but it is important that they are made in a correct manner.

7. Not claiming Google + Autorship

Google + is one of the most popular social networks and its ascension is a continuous one. You can reclaim Google + Authorship even just for showing your picture in search results, this aspect being a trust note for you. The advantages are numerous. We’ve discussed the advantages of using Author Rank in a previous article.

8. Building a large number of links in a short time

Every fast building strategy of a large number of links is unnatural and dangerous for your website.
The best solution for you is to concentrate on building strong links that bring qualified traffic. You can promote the quality content that you’ve created earlier, that will surely attract links. Therefore, you will have success even if you are still not well positioned in searches, just by promoting quality services or products through quality methods.

9. Ignoring the importance of marketing throughout content

This concept refers to attracting attention and consolidating your trust through the use of content. By promoting the content, you will attract traffic to your website, using the SEO process as well as the power of social networks, of e-mail marketing, of guest posts and other strategies. The advantages of content marketing should not be ignored and should be more explored.

10. Hiring an inappropriate SEO agency

Hiring a SEO agency to help you promote yourself is the best thing that you can do, taking into account that you are not SEO specialists. However, you must be careful what SEO agency you hire. Find the criteria that you take account for when making such choice in another post of mine, here.
The most important things that you must consider in such a dynamic field are: invest in SEO that will improve and promote you at a higher level of your brand, create and consolidate relationships with the key-persons from your field of activity and use strategies that will pass the time test without problems, also the inevitable changes and updates. Search engines gain day by day more and more notoriety, being the most used source of information.