Agile Media is the first agency from Romania that continuously monitors all the .ro domains, in this moment over 350K, domains having at least one mention in the Romanian web (text, link etc.). From our information, in Romania, there are over 600K domains registered at RoTLD.

We are happy to announce you that we have created an infographic in which we will present you some of the data obtained from our analysis.

Web domains:

Out of the total of analyzed domains 38% are dead and cannot be accessed and the rest of 62% are live. The percentage of domains that are bought and are unused is quite large.

  • Live domains: 62%
  • Dead domains: 38%

Meta title:

From a percentage of 95%, the domains have a present title tag and the rest 5% don’t use this signal for OnPage SEO. The title is one of the most important elements for optimizing for OnPage and very useful for users as for search engines, however, unfortunately, it is not used 100%.

  • Present meta title: 95%
  • No meta title: 5%

Meta description:

Here the aspects are little different and the percentages are 50%/50%: half of them have present meta description and half do not use it. Although this tag is not taking into consideration as a ranking factor, it is a useful method to draw attention of the SERPs users and to improve CTR.

  • Present meta description: 50%
  • No meta description: 50%/li>

The number of pages per domain:

As we expected, the majority of .RO domains have few pages, fewer than 100. The percentages drop a lot for a large number of pages. Only 1.1% have between 100K-1M pages and just 0.1% have more than 1M pages.

  • <100: 62.8%
  • 101 – 1K: 20.8%
  • 1K – 10K: 10.7%
  • 10K – 100K: 4.4%
  • 100K – 1M: 1.1%
  • >1M: 0.1%

Em/Italic text:

16% out of the total have at least one word in em/italic, while the rest of 84% don’t use this tag.


Here the percentages are higher than em/italic and 58% of the total have at least one bold/strong word, the rest of 42% don’t use this tag.

Google Analytics:

The percentage of domains that don’t use Google Analytics it’s higher than the ones that use this tracking method: 61% do not use Google Analytics while only 39% use this tracking method.

  • Present Google Analytics: 39%
  • Absent Google Analytics: 61%

Alt text:

In the Romanian web images are very little optimized for. There is a percentage of 15% that do not have any present image. From the ones that have at least one image, 69% do not have alt text and 16% use at least tag for at least one image.

  • No image in website: 15%
  • At least one image that has alt text: 16%
  • Do not use alt text: 69%


The websites that still do not use H1 are present in a large number. Below we will present to you the percentages for H1->H6:

  • Present H1: 46%
  • Present H2: 40%
  • Present H3: 32%
  • Present H4: 13%
  • Present H5: 5%
  • Present H6: 2%

Duplicate content:

The duplicated content is an issue in a world post Panda. In .RO domains, in 26% of the websites there are www and non-www versions that are accessible without needing to have redirect from one to another or to use canonical tag.

  • duplicate: 65.9%
  • correct redirecting: 30.7%
  • just www: 2.8%
  • just non-www: 0.6%

Second Level TLD’s:

The most of .RO domains that have second level tld are followed by and

  • 2%
  • 0.17%
  • 0.16%
  • 0.06%
  • 0.02%
  • 0.017%
  • 0.012%
  • 0.011%
  • 0.009%
  • 0.008%
  • 0.003%


Only 1% of the total use markup authorship. The percentage is very, very small and we consider that people still don’t know the benefits of using it.

If you consider that you have other pieces of information that can be extracted by our crawler please contact us.

Here is the infographic:

The State of .RO #Domains