Our Services

Agile Media was founded with the wish to offer to all clients complete services for online advertising.

In a world where everything happens at an alert pace, making decisions in real time can be crucial. We want to offer complete solutions for every client and to achieve the desired results. We know that for any business a collaboration between all departments can mean success.

Our services include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Link Building, Content Marketing and others. All these services depend on each other, and each one complements the other.

An overview is needed for this ecosystem to work perfectly. We can offer you this. 

Why choose us?

  • We have patience
  • We are determined
  • We are organized
  • We are Agile
  • We appreciate change
  • We are transparent
  • We provide results

Our Services – Details

All the services that we provide will meet the needs of your business. We have the necessary resources for your business to improve its online presence and visibility. We are in an era where “big data” is of great interest. In order to process and analyze the data, we built internal tools that solve all the problems of a site. 



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a complex and lasting process, through which every website can attract organic traffic from search engines. Our experience is relevant and all the actions of our consultants will satisfy the needs of your business.


Pay Per Click reprezents the payed ads that appear on top of the organic results in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The cost of these ads depends on the Cost per Click (CPC) and keyword. The most sought for words (those of interest) have greater costs than the less sought for.


In recent years Social Media Marketing has changed the Internet and the way businesses are run. Before, companies only delivered the information to customers; now they can talk directly to them. Social Media and social platforms democratized the Internet. Social Media is a “must have” for every online business.


Online Reputation Management means protecting the image associated to your brand. Just imagine what would happen if your brand would be associated with negative testimonials in Search Engine Result Pages. You would certainly lose many of your old clients and you would not be able to attract new ones.

Link Building

Link Building is a very important part of the opimization process and it can make the difference between online success and failure. The quality of the links is above the quantity, because relevant links coming from reliable sources can improve the online presence of any site.


SEO Audit

Have you ever been discontent due to poor positioning in the organic results? SEO auditing is an essential phase in discovering all the technical flaws. Before investing important resources and directing budgets towards offpage campaigns, all the internal problems must be solved.


Content Marketing

You need Content Marketing. Whether we are talking about content for a new site, blog content or content for a new campaign, we can do this for you. Content on a site attracts organic traffic, improves keyword positions and converts customers.

Local SEO

Do you have a local business? Do you own a restaurant, a coffee shop, a law or dental office? This means you need local optimization or Local SEO. Local optimization is very important when running a business of this type. This way you can reach the right clients and the appropriate public.


Competitors Analysis

The work of a SEO Consultant also consists in  Competition Analysis. It is important that you know your competition. It is very important that you know what have the others done and how they got ahead of you. Competition Analysis is necessary in order to make a comparison between your site and those of your competitors and to figure out where you stand.

Keyword Research

Keyword strategy is the starting point of onpage optimization. Potential buyers will find your website depending on the used keywords. By defining an initial keyword strategy, we can gain a better understanding of the public/audience, we can understand how potential clients search for products or services. Without an initial keyword strategy, we cannot bring organic traffic to the site.

Analytics & Reporting

Traffic Analysis and Reports: In lack of interpretation, simple data is not useful. All the SEO related work that is done has to be capitalized in traffic and conversions. Full understanding of the analysed data helps us make better decisions in the future, focus on the customer’s desires and thus make improvements and better convert potential clients.

OnPage SEO

The reason SEO onpage is important is that the entire strategy is based on the things over which we have 100% control. If implementation of this strategy is efficient, then we can obtain organic traffic from search engines starting the first day. OnPage SEO refers to optimizing the site areas to make them easier to understood, for both the readers and search engines.

Are you ready to stand out?