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AMP for Prestashop – Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Faster page loading for mobile pages.


Even if your website is already responsive, there is still a way to make it load faster. Google AMP is all about: delivering quality content to your (and Google) users.

While it’s not (yet) a ranking factor, having amp pages on your PrestaShop website will:

  • Increase the organic traffic from Google
  • Maximize page loading speed
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Decrease cart abandonment rate
  • Improve conversion rate.


No worries, the AMP pages do not generate duplicate content, since they contain the canonical tag towards the desktop pages.

As everyone knows, there is no quick and easy way to set up AMP, for PrestaShop or for any other ecommerce platform out there:: there is no miracle plugin to do it all with 1 click. The amp plugins need configuration for each type of page, also keep in mind that you need to add the html and css code to make it look decent. Plus, the pages look different than the normal pages.

You can check if your website complies with the Google AMP standards using this tool: 

For us to operate the modifications, we need the following:

Temporary Admin access to PrestaShop Admin
Temporary access to cpanel

Price – 139.95 $

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – it is a technology that helps visitors to see contents of your store very fast, right into the browser. We will implement the technology and customize for your shop needs. It will increase the organic traffic from Google..