Code Validation

The validity of your code is really important in order for browsers to render store pages correctly. 


Right out of the box, PrestaShop’s code is not perfect. The code validation tools everyone knows and uses reveals the following:

  • Validation for Prestashop 1.6, default settings: 26 html warnings (, 6 css errors and 326 css warnings (
  • Validation for Prestashop 1.7, default settings: 22 html warnings (, 16 errors and 412 warnings (

Our team of front end developers will remove the errors and warnings that have the biggest impact, boosting your site closer to perfection!

Code validation is an seo ranking factor, theory that has been tested many times over the years. Because correcting the errors takes a long time, if you haven’t done before (and repeatedly), and because it doesn’t provide the biggest impact, most seo specialist and agencies leave this one completely out.

You can check this by yourself: search for anything on Google, and check the top 10 results with the 2 tools we mentioned earlier. You will find at least one website, if not all, that have warnings and errors. And, in most cases, many of the sites ranking in top 10 are not even PrestaShop, but sites built from ground-up or based on other platforms.

Because we are a top agency, we take care of all the aspects of the seo strategy and implementation and leave nothing out.

Boost your SEO and get ahead your competition with our Code Validation service now!

For us to operate the modifications, we need the following:

Temporary Admin access to PrestaShop Admin
Temporary access to cpanel

Price – 79.95 $

We are checking the validity of your code in order for browsers to render store pages correctly and make the necessary modifications inside the PrestaShop platform.