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The best all-in-one center services for optimizing your store

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

We will perform an seo audit on your website and give you a detailed report with actionable tasks, for you to improve your site’s performance in the search engines.

39.95 €

Page speed

After a pagespeed analysis, we will implement the changes needed for the site to load faster and get a Google pagespeed score as close to 100/100 as possible. You will get a report containing the pagespeed score before and after the improvements.

79.95 €


Chose this service if you don’t have a secure site. We will generate a ssl certificate and set it up for you. You will get a report from CA Security Council, containing the security grade and all the technical details.

24.95 €


The only way to get your pages load the fastest on mobile devices is for your site to comply with Google’s Amp pages standards. We will implement Google Amp – Accelerated Mobile Pages, and you will receive a report containing screenshots of the different page types on a mobile device.

139.95 €

Google Services

Integrate the Google Services:Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console in your PrestaShop site. Link the three services.

79.95 €


In 2018, your PrestaShop website is not fully responsive? Not a problem, with our service, you don’t have to buy a new theme or hire a designer. Keep your current PrestaShop theme, as we make it responsive and give you a report generated with a 3rd party tool like Responsinator or Websiteresponsivetest, to see how the pages look like on all the devices.

149.95 €

URL Settings

This service is basically on-page seo. The package includes url settings for product and category pages, and titles, meta descriptions, existing content (category description, product description) optimization, for the top level categories (product groups) and the 1st product in each top category.

79.95 €

Code Validation

PrestaShop is not error free out-of-the-box. A number of errors and warnings occur after setting up some more addons. Our service reduces as much as possible these errors. This service should be bought last. You get before&after report for all types of pages.

79.95 €

Social Media Integration

We are fully integrating social platforms (Facebook, Pinterest etc) inside Prestashop platforms for better use of these marketing/sales channels.

69.95 €

UI Analysis

This service will provide you an analysis your store’s User Interface Design and give you personalized advices on how to make your store’s interface more intuitive and design more appealing.

95 €

Mobile Application

Full (native) mobile application for iOS and Android to connect to your Prestashop e-commerce store in order to attract more visitors and keep them engaged with your shop.

1000 €

Stay up to date with any new PrestaShop technology available