Link Building Audit

Links are part of positioning factors of search engines. Not all links help us gain top positions. Links can do damage, can attract penalties, which leads to low positions in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Along with the intromission of the Penguin algorithm, links are “seen” differently by Google. In an ideal world, all links should be obtained in a natural way and, moreover, they should be editorials.

This does not always happen and this is the reason we need to help sites with quality links that come from trustworthy sources. After the intromission of the Penguin algorithm, that sorted very well smap and irrelevant links, and along with the introduction of Lisavow Links, another concept emerged: UnLink Building Strategies.

It often happens that you work with link builders that obtained harmful links. We audit all the links pointing to your site. Due to our experience, we know which links help and which can do damage. Thus, we use premium tools through which we can process very large volumes.

We can tell if the strategies applied in the past were ethical or not. Our work consists in linking to be as natural and diversified as possible. If we need to give up some links, we’ll do it, we’ll get editorial, relevant, and authoritative links.

We can tell if your link profile is exactly what you need in order for the site to have the best position in SERPs. If you have been penalised in any way or down in organic positions, it is very possible it is because of the links.

We know that link building requires performant tools through which the competition’s links can be analysed in order to obtain the best ones.

In every link building campaign we use premium tools:


  • – Gold Plan
  • – PRO Plan
  • – Professional Plan
  • – Professional Plan

Moreover, we have internal tools that help us better structure and analyse information.

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