Google Penalty Recovery

Google changes itself and continuously improves its algorithms and that is why some tactics that used to work in the past do not work in the present. Those used optimization techniques can affect your website and business tremendously because they can trigger a penalty through which the organic traffic to dramatically decrease.

If your organic traffic suddenly decreased then it may be a result of a Google penalty. Panda or Penguin are the causes of the most penalties, being algorithms that are continuously improved. Another cause of a sudden decrease of organic traffic can be a manual penalty, for which you will be notified in Google Webmaster Tools. We have a series of cases in which we have recovered websites from manual penalties thus we can help you with the recovery of your organic traffic.

Both manual and algorithmic penalties can dramatically change the direction in which your business goes. Agile Media will help you cover all the necessary steps so that your website follows Google policies and recovers its organic traffic.

Organic traffic drops in Google Analytics could occur under many cases:

  • Penguin – where your link profile is not natural or where spam techniques haven’t been used
  • Panda – where there can occur content issues (pages with very little content, automated generated pages, duplicate content problems, copied content etc.)
  • Manual penalty – which can occur due to unnatural links identified by Google. A good example is the print screen below from Google Webmaster Tools with the following message: Manual Actions: Partial Matches, some manual actions apply to specific pages, sections, or links. Reason: Unnatural links to your site – impact links.
  • Other causes
unnatural links to your site - impact links

unnatural links to your site – impact links

Every type of penalty must be treated differently. From our experience, the most penalties occur due to links, especially those that are easy to get, like web directories, forums, article directories, press releases etc.

Gogole penalty diagnosis

Our site depenalization service was created to offer our clients detailed website analyzes or of the issues that appear. Every penalty can be removed through a simple process: we identify all the sections in which the website violates the Google spam policies and we sort out all the problems.

For diagnosis we use our knowledge and expertise along with software and tools that can show us an overview of the website.

What tools do we use?

  • – platform developed by Agile Media for detailed crawling of every website page and for benchmarking regarding competition.
  • – with OpenSiteExplorer – the platform through which we can see the backlinks of a website
  • – the analysis platform of link profile and links
  • – analysis platform of toxic links.

Website depenalization process

  • Step 1
    • Identify the type of penalty (manual / algorithmic)
    • In the case of algorithmic penalty we identify the algorithm (Panda or Penguin)
  • Step 2
    • Identify the cause of penalty. This step is very important because just by removing the cause of penalty we can remove the penalty.
  • Step 3
    • Making an action plan for the following period. In the plan we will include all the steps and actions that we will follow in order to remove the penalty. Step 3 is the step in which we will take action. Here we can remove the harmful links, use the Disavow file in which we will add only the links that we are certain that don’t bring us any value or we will make major changes of the website’s content.

During the process we will keep you updated with our activity through weekly reports. We will keep a detailed evidence of the all activities that we do and you will have access to all of our information and knowledge. In the case of a penalty it is much work that is to be done by our consultants, especially in the process of link removal.

Although we use advanced tools, a dedicated consultant will analyze and interpret all the data manually. The process of link removal can take a long time especially in the case of a website with thousands or hundreds of thousands of harmful links. Our consultant will analyze the patterns from the website and will keep all the quality links.

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