Analytics & Reporting

In lack of interpretation, simple data is not useful. All the SEO related work that is done has to be capitalized in traffic and conversions.

Full understanding of the analysed data helps us make better decisions in the future, focus on the customer’s desires and thus make improvements to please and better converd potential clients.

We live in a world of data, a world where numbers and information we get stand behind the decisions we make and the conclusions we draw.

We use data to understand the best way how to approach the audience, how we can improve the user experience on the site, how to invest and redirect resources and how to improve ROI.

Data is not just clicks; it is important to understand the audience, geographic locations, the technologies used, behavior and more. Web Analytics is about people and their interests.

Our consultants own individual Google Analytics certifications. We use, for reports, tools that we developed and popular analytics tools.


Behind every website is a lot of data to process. Among the most important we mention:

  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Keyword Performance Analysis
  • Traffic Sources Analysis
  • Goals & Conversions Monitoring
  • Site Problems Monitoring and Analysis


We believe that reports are very important and we do our best to deliver more every time. Our team of web analysts offers observations on all things analyzed. This way we can improve campaigns that run through lists of future actions.


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