1. The Top of Google

The first positions in Google are a difficult target to achieve most of the time.

It all starts with a plan, and when the plan is good, the results do not delay to appear.

There are situations where the SEO optimization plan is not well done from the beginning and the results are not what you want. The website grows but not how we want it.

Most of the time the goal is wrong and then what we want from a website does not happen or at least not as we want.

When we do SEO optimization just to get to the best position in Google most of the time we omit the people who use our website.

SEO optimization is not about getting to the top positions in Google, but about getting to the right people for our website.

If, from the beginning, we set our target to reach people who can later become clients, the results of our efforts will be good ones.

Some tips to get to the right people through SEO:

2. Do not follow useless traffic

In the past, the most important thing was to have traffic on the website. It does not really matter how, how and how effective it was to convert visitors into customers. But with the passing of time and with the development of SEO Optimization Services, the ultimate goal is to attract clients, not visitors.
Attracting visitors to the website can still be an intermediate step but not a final one, not the most important one.


3. Attract relevant traffic, focus on the right words

There is no point in wasting our time to get as many visits on the website as possible for uninteresting keywords for us or unnecessary.

The most important thing is getting to attract customers to relevant keywords for us. In vain, you’re trying to get into the top searches for popular terms such as “cars” or “bikes” if you want to sell “car accessories” or “bicycle tires”. Focusing on more detailed, not general, keywords will bring you the desired traffic on the website.


4. The titles must be as appealing as possible

You will be able to attract an internet user to your website, and then make it your own client if you offer something useful. A tip, a tutorial, an example, something simple but useful. This is the only way you can win the trust of the person who sees a title and thinks whether or not he will click on your website.

5. Use the best description for your website

When the descriptions of links on the website are as good as possible, the visitor gets to know the reason why they have to click. Use expressions that define the value and benefits of your website. If you solve a problem, people will click, if you only offer unnecessary stories and tips they will not access your website. Think about yourself as a potential customer. Would you click? Why? Put aside all marketing phrases and think of something that you and your competitors do not, or something you do better than them. Now you start to build better descriptions for your entire website.


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