OnPage SEO

Why is OnPage SEO essential? Because, if the whole strategy starts from the things we can 100% control and if we implement it in an efficient manner, then we can obtain organic traffic from search engines since the beginning of the campaign.

The purpose is that a certain page to be fully optimized for a certain topic. The page can be a product page, a service page, an article or another section of interest on the site.

All the changes for OnPage SEO are made after the initial keyword strategy is set. The changes are made according to the keywords discovered at the beginning.


What is OnPage SEO?

In SEO, there are 3 major activities that must be done together for a better position in searches and to attract relevant traffic:

• Link building (the process in which links pointing to the site are obtained)
• Content creation (useful articles, blog posts, images and clips, infographics, eBooks)
• Internal optimizations (content, code, structure, meta tags and other elements) that make the page user friendly and search engine friendly.


Why is OnPage SEO important?

There are numerous reason why OnPage SEO is very useful:

  • It is 100% safe
  • It is verifiable
  • It assures relevant traffic on the site
  • If done well, it requires no other costs in time
  • It improves the SEO efficiency in the pages of the entire website
  • It improves the experience of the site’s users
  • It improves the information architecture (IA)
  • It improves the relevance of the pages in the site for keywords
  • It improves conversions


The most important SEO elements for OnPage optimization:

  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URLs
  • H Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Textual content (bold/strong, em, the right targeting of keywords)

When all of there elements are properly arranged by keywords, the SEO impact will be maximized.

Are you ready to stand out?