We plan to change the way online promotion is made nowadays. Users, customers are the most important and we are in a constant battle to create a very pleasant experience for them. Everything is based on quickly adapting to changes. We leave aside all obstacles and put ideas into practice. We are sure that this is the only way we can gain a competitive advantage.

We are open to changes that constantly occur, we agree with them, we love them and quickly develop action plans in order to adapt. Agile Marketing means acting immediately and being prepared all these changes. We must leave aside traditional working methods and act when needed.

We live in a world that is changing at a rapid pace. SEO, Social Media, Inbound Marketing are changing by the hour, not in months or years, and we must quickly and constantly make decisions. The final consumer is becoming more demanding and now, thanks to social media platforms, he has a major say. This can be a gold mine or your biggest nightmare.

Scot Brinker says that Everything is Marketing, and Everyone Must be Agile.

We work in a homogeneous team with maximum efficiency and best results for you. We make decisions based on the obtained data and through testing different solutions. We do not rely on opinions and assumptions. By doing numerous tests and measuring the results, we can draw conclusions that help us make improvements. We are in the era of “big data” and we do not focus only on certain opinions.

We rely on repeated small tests, on implementation and on measuring results. This way we can make large-scale changes to any website. We focus on solving problems and we place great emphasis on the audience and its claims.

We are always in contact with the audience through social media channels and through the data obtained from them. We listen, take part in discussions, measure, learn and implement. We continually monitor results because the ultimate goal is to improve the sales and ROI.