Having an online presence is mandatory today.

More and more business owners realize that they also need to be present in the online environment. Link Building is an important component of optimization for search engines. If you do SEO well you can get to the top positions in Google.

Over time SEO has changed. Some things remained the same. Links are still one of the most important factors in Google eyes.

If you want to get a better position in search engines, you need as many links as possible. Not just any links, but as much as possible, these links to your website should be from the best sources.

Here are 4 tips on how to make SEO the best.

Fix Broken Backlinks

A broken backlink is a link that leads to some of your web pages that no longer exist or are no longer available at the address where they were previously available. This time backlink does not bring authority to your website. It means there is no need for these backlinks. To find and fix these backlinks you can use the Site Explorer Tool.

Enter a link you want to analyze and go to the “best by links” report. Then filter the results with “404 not found” and see the results.

Enter a link you want to analyze and go to the “best by links” report. Then filter the results with “404 not found” and see the results.You can fix these backlinks in two ways. The first method is to get in touch with websites that have backlinks to your website and ask them to update to the new links. The second method is to set a 301 type redirect. At the end you will get rid of broken backlinks and keep your website clean.

Do not be afraid to steal the broken links of your competitors

If you think “stealing” your competitors’ links is bad, you can calm down. It is a common practice in SEO. All you do is give your content instead of lost content.

It’s an easy task to accomplish and requires only a few steps to follow. Go to the “broken backlink” report in the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool and reap the benefits.

Do not expect all website owners who have links to your site to replace them, but some will do so if they see valuable content.

Only get links that bring traffic

There is no point in collecting backlinks that do not bring you traffic. Ultimately, it will be a waste of time and effort. Instead, it’s much more helpful to focus on links that bring real traffic.

In addition, this method of focusing on real-traffic links will keep you safe for Google algorithms updates that often penalize many websites.

How to identify the right traffic links? Be aware of the organic traffic report that Site Explorer offers you. The more organic traffic a link gets, the more valuable it is for your website.

Anchor Text Links Work As Well

According to the study “A Data Driven Guide To Anchor Text (And Its Impact On SEO)” from Ahrefs, keywords use in anchor text affect search engines rankings. 

You must still take care of how you set the anchor texts because you can get penalized by Google. Do not misuse the anchor text and better use anchor text to be part of the keywords for better results.

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