Google just launched the new Google Search Console, which is now in beta state. Meaning, it shows almost nothing, until they migrate the old reports.

Until they migrate the old reports, we can all enjoy (or get annoyed by) the extra options in the ones they already migrated.

The Performance report

The Performance report now allows us to go back more than 3 months (we see 15 months, but it’s possible this is not final), and on the graphic we can also see all the events that caused anomalies in the Search Console reporting: Google algo updates, Search Console bugs and other Search Console internal issues or updates. We love this!


The sitemap report

If the Performance report is now improved, we can’t say the same for the Sitemap report: the “Issues” column is missing, meaning you can no longer see errors or warnings in the submitted sitemaps. Which was important for technical seos.
Another thing important for seos is the number of discovered urls, out of the total number of submitted urls. This is an important insight: when you have more than once sitemap, particularly one sitemap per type of pages, you can see the indexability of that page types. When one is below, let’s say, 50%, you may think there’s a problem with that type of pages, investigate and fix it. What does the new report show? For us, the exact number that is written in the actual sitemap file. We wonder, is it even real?

The old report mentioned how many images and how many web pages were indexed, as opposed to now, when we can see a generic term, “Discovered urls”. We hate this…

What they let us play with, until they migrate the rest of the reports, is a form to pick what report we miss more. Oh, and they finally changed the url, from to .

What report will you pick? Tell us in the comments area below.