SEO Process

SEO is an ongoing process and, if you invest the necessary resources and time, it can bring the expected benefits. You can grow your popularity and brand in the online environment and, what’s most important for your business, it can increse sales or obtain contracts for the services that you provide.

Manage your Online Reputation

However, this is not the only advantage that you can obtain through the SEO process. You can manage your online reputation, a very important thing nowadays, considering the great development of social networks and the amount of information you can learn about a person only by searching their brand name on Google. Does Google know everything? Sort of, but we already know that.

Let’s see what are the steps that should be completed on this line:

1. Prior to undertaking any action, you need to assess the current situation. It is fairly easy to make a search. Search your name on various search engines and then set searching alarms for your name with Google Alerts. This way you will know when there are mentions of your brand on the web.

2. If you find things that you do not want to appear on the internet, it is important to remember if you you posted them. For example, pictures that you should have kept in a private account. If you have control over these posts, you can simply delete them. However, if you have nothing to do with these posts, you can use the Google Removal Tool so that the pages do not appear in SERPs. If negative information about your brand appears on certain blogs or content sites, then you cannot use Google options for removing content from SERPs. You can only use these options if that site violates certain policies or laws.

3. If you find negative things about you posted on a news site with high traffic, you can use a service called “Create your brand” Brand Yourself. You can create a positive profile with your full name and as many positive links in your favor. The more positive links you add to your profile, the negatives ones will be eliminated.

4. If you can not completely eliminate the negative things, the only solution is to create as much positive content and thus, the negative results will be pushed lower and lower in ranking and top positions will be occupied with positive content that you create about yourself. Social networks play an important role in this whole process of “changing your online reputation”. Facebook and Twitter matter to SEO, so your activity on these two networks is important.

5. Another SEO technique is creating an identity hub. This is a good way to highlight even more positive things about yourself, the links to all the positive’s content try to bring it to the people.

6. You need a domain name that includes your name, if possible. The whole idea is to tell the robots that page is about you, often using your name in headers and tabs. For brands, you can also create microsites that rank for the search of your brand.

7. Try the best strategies to attract links to your page, quality links that count as votes of confidence. Do not forget the links on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Positive mentions in Social Media will help in the long term and thus you will be able to create a clear image of the brand that you promote.

8. Another good thing that you can do is to post fresh and positive content as often as possible. For the content that you create and post to be seen by as many people as possible, it is better to apply social media feeds on your blog and then you posts will be distributed automatically.

9. Actively participate and keep in touch with people in your online community. Post on blogs and forums in the same area, give positive feedback to others. If you interact with other people on their sites, these interactions will help in building your online reputation.

10. Try to register on sites that allow you to publish articles and press releases. You can publish weekly articles about a topic that you are passionate about and that you’re good at.

11. You can register your blog in well-known blog directories, as Zelist or ToateBlogurile. You can definitely find more. You can use advanced search in Google, like: related:
These are just a few ways that will help you build an online reputation or to keep the one you previously built intact.

Things You like

Probably one of the best tips is to avoid sharing too personal information with others, things that can turn against you later, things that can be seen by people who are not supposed to see them. When you want to distribute such information, you must consider whom they are addressed to, or you can build more circles of friends, acquaintances, people at work, and show each circle different things. You have Google Plus for this.

Rather than having personal information about yourself shared, you might want to share things that you like, that are part of your sphere of interest, or to write about topics that you are very good at, thus creating original and useful content that will definitely help you individualize online. We recommend a very useful article about online reputation management on KissMetrics blog.

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